Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#SNEwx Update on Hurricane Sandy 12am

At 11pm Hurricane Sandy is a strong Category 1 hurricane with an exceptionally low central barometric pressure reading of 954mb as seems to still be deepening.Folks along E coast of #FL - Outer Banks and Mid Atlantic up into Southern New En
gland right through the Atl. into Maine need to be on guard..GA-VA should be spared for MOST part.There remains No imminent threat, though confidence of effects continue to increase with time. Storm is Massive in SIZE,effects could be felt inland especially if its hugs E coast.. More in SNE & Maine if a SE-NW lashing.Thurs. is crucial! short range Models play a vital role in potential validity.Time frame of potential concern appears Sunday-Weds from S-N or SE -NW.. ( odd to say that ) specifics to be ironed out next day or 2. Intensity/effects remains in ? due to position,Press.Falls/rises expected & if it loses Trop. characteristics.Will come clear again w/time. It will be difficult for Sandy to escape,just may though,&we will be spared. Wise to @ least have it in your mind nxt couple days,it'll help. More Tomorrow guys..Have a good one ! ~Anthony Apologize for the horrible appearance of this having some fronts,color issues ect.

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