Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another Weekend Winter System

Sure felt nice out there on this last day of February 2015 didn't it? What an incredible recording breaking extreme month it was though. The numbers are staggering. One of the coldest on record for many and the snowiest month ever for many as well. I will have a comprehensive round up of the historical month in a few days , but for now there is some more wintry weather to talk about. It will be the 6th weekend in a row with a winter storm affecting the region !
The storm system we are watching is rather weak but has a decent precip field associated with it due to a nice interaction with the sub tropical jet and some Gulf and Atlantic moisture being drawn into it. The system is now dropping snow across the nation's heartland and will follow the jet stream right into Southern New England, arriving late Sunday morning or early afternoon spreading a swath of accumulating snow into the area. The precip will have to overcome a layer of dry air at the onset, so snow should start off fairly light. Once we saturate the lower and mid levels of the atmosphere , it should fall at a good clip Sunday late afternoon and eve for most areas. We will have to watch a mix line coming close to the south coast, especially for Cape Cod and the Islands. Due to that and the likelihood of lower snow to liquid ratio's down there, I have held amounts back a bit there. I do not foresee any coastal concerns with wind or flooding, but the winds will certainly increase behind the storm system on Monday with a fresh injection of arctic air taking over the region. The snow/mix should wrap up from west to east Monday morning. Below is a map of the snowfall amounts I am expecting. Areas near and south of the pink dotted line at least run a risk of some mixing.

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